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SunDevil Cheerleaders

SunDevil Cheerleaders

Team Number: 1
Birth Date: 01/01/2010
Height: 5'8
Weight: 100lbs.
Position: Cheerleaders
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The Arizona State University has a competition club cheer team. ASU had dismissed their varsity intercollegiate cheerleading team for a new spirit line, so the club team was established. The Cheer Team believes that a Pac-10 (now Pac-12) university needs a competitive cheerleading squad and invites all to join.

So if they aren’t that peppy squad on the sidelines at an ASU football game, who are they? That squad is Sparky’s Crew. Sparky’s Crew is a spirit line that has combined the old varsity cheer team and the old dance team, and their routines are mostly a series of dances. Sparky’s crew is dedicated to riling up the crowds and generating enthusiasm from the thousands of fans that attend each sporting event.

The ASU Cheer Team participates regularly in competitions, community events, such as fundraisers and charities. The ASU Cheer Team also participates in school traditions and shows support at all events on campus.

Sparky is the mascot for the Arizona State University Sun Devils. The nickname “Sun Devils” is the third to be used in ASU’s 108-year school history and was made official on November 20, 1946. From then on the ASU students were longing for a mascot and, after much deliberation, Sparky was born.

Join Sparky, his crew and the Cheer Team at events all around campus. Check out an Arizona State University event or a Cheer Team competition and you won’t be disappointed!

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